Note: I try to update this list from time to time. Last update was on: 27-12-2019.

Another Note: You might want to check out my Haskell Study Plan.

So you got a taste of functional programming in Haskell, you might have read LYAH or did CIS194 and now, you are looking for ways to transition from a beginner Haskeller to an intermediate Haskeller and beyond, but you are not sure where to go, what to do or what to read.

This list is for you.

I compiled (heh) a modest list of a few resources one might want to read or follow after completing LYAH or CIS194, I will also list a few project ideas for you to get started.

Building Haskell Projects

Topic Specific

Project based tutorials


Learning More Haskell

Blogs and Articles

  • Haskell Weekly News is a free email newsletter about the Haskell programming language. Each issue features several hand-picked links to interesting content about Haskell from around the web.

And few project ideas:

  • A unix command line utility like cat, echo, less
  • An over the network Rock Paper Scissors game
  • A static blog/website generator or a dynamic blog
  • A picture album website
  • A scrapper - go online and get important information from a website you like and display it in a nice way
  • A parser/interpreter/compiler for a small PL - I wrote a blog post on that
  • A chat server
  • A tic tac toe game with gloss

You can also get on IRC, Slack, Discourse or Reddit and ask for advice and help.

Have fun!