This is an announcement and a 'request for comments' for a new project-oriented, online, and free, Haskell book: Learn Haskell by building a blog generator (or LHBG for short).

This book is yet another attempt of mine to try and help make Haskell a bit more approachable. I think Haskell is a great language and I've been enjoying using it for most of my projects for several years now.

I wanted to create a short book aimed at complete beginners to the language which focuses on the practice of writing Haskell programs, including idioms, techniques, and general software development, rather than the concepts and language features - for which there are many resources available.

This book is still pretty much in an 'alpha' kind of stage, meaning that it probably needs some feedback-driven editing, but I think it is ready to be shared. I hope this book will be useful to some people trying to learn Haskell and write programs with it.

Do let me know if you have any comments or feedback on it. Especially if you are a new Haskeller getting started with the language!